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Saturday, January 29, 2011

I do hair fah you...

Well, hello hello.. A good morning it is :) I just want to share with you the MAIN thing i am into. HAIR. On the side.. Sucks that i couldn't fulfill the real dream i wanted to chase, cuz of and Aunt that didn't want to support me in it but whatever, lets not get into details.. Movin on! I still do it.. I do all kinds of stuff,color, highlights, cut, dramatic, classy to sassy, just name it.. But i basically focus on highlighting. Maybe cuz i want to master on it so i can finally do my own hair and not have to worry about spending that $150 at the shop, ya know. Ha. I've been having my regular clients coming and coming and i can confidently say that they were satisfied! In time, i will be posting my work and hopefully you will be interested in giving me the opportunity to work ON YOU :)

Oh yeah, i must add.  I LOVE to do make-up as well. Later, i will be posting pictures of my art and maybe even videos and steps on how to do different types of shadows and colors of the seasons! So exciting, right?

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